The Path of Maria to the 32. Braunschweig International Film Festival

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the 32. Braunschweig International Film Festival

Wednesday, Nov 7  The Path of Maria will screen at the 32. Braunschweig International Film Festival.

The director Morgan Davidsen will be there to present the film.


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Maria Post-Production

Producer Carlos Valinotti and Morgan Davidsen are pleased to announce that Mariana Benevello is on board as our main editor.  Sound composer Bernardo Uzeda, Sound director Håkon Lammetun and collorist Bernardo Brik and graphic designer Kika Azedo the film is on track to be final mastered and released.


Dani Antunes to play Maria

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The wonderfull Brazilian actress Dani Antuenes will play the title role of Maria – Maria (doze anos).  Dani was the director and producers first pick The production takes place in Rio and the surrounding areas the last weeks before Christmas and in Europe over the new year.

«Maria», new shortfilm to be shot 2016/2017

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«Maria»  will be the third short film by Morgan Davidsen in the trilogy of hope and dreams that Bringebær started  8 years ago.  Maria is on her way back from a life in Europe to her roots in Brazil.  FinFilm and  director Morgan Davidsen has teamed up with Producers Carlos Eduardo Valinoti and Isadora Sachett to produce this Brazilian/Norwegian short-film december 2016 – january 2017.  Read more at the Brazilian production company NostroFilm