Siyam – Siyam The Number is Nine

Posted by Morgan on juli 2nd, 2020 — Posted in forsiden, pÃ¥ gang, Siyam Siyam

FinFILM to produce it´s first full length Indie Film. The film has started production and is shooting in Norway, USA and the Philippines. To be released in 2022.

Author Tor Åge Bringsværd and Morgan Davidsen has created a unique filmstory:

An apparently successful couple are eaten up by a fateful choice they made several years ago. A dive into fantasy, demons and daydreaming ends up in an undiscovered village in the Philippines.

«Could what was wrong once – be done right, ever? Can you follow someone you miss into death? And iff so, how?»

Cinematographer: Aasulv Austad is creating a visual art piece for the future.
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