Bringebær in NYC screening of best contemporary Shortfilms.

Posted by Morgan on mai 8th, 2008 — Posted in Bringebær

Thursday, May 15.2008
The ASF concludes its Nordic Shorts series with New Short Films from Norway. The lineup included Coco-Nuts by Charlotte Blum, Days of Love by Eric R. Magnusson, Flatmates by Magnus Mork, Interlude by Katja Eyde Jacobsen, Null-Null by Gaute Johnsen, Raspberries by Morgan Davidsen, Shall We Dance? by Martin Lund, and Spandex Man by Bobbie Peers. Scandinavia House’s Nordic Shorts series is a wide-ranging survey spanning many styles and genres that introduces some of the finest new shorts by the next generation of Nordic filmmakers.