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Fin Film is a small production company run by actor/director Morgan Davidsen.  It is located in Gamlebyen, Oslo.   The company`s activity is to produce feature concepts and smaller films especially international  shortfilms. . Fin Film is also running a commercial branch with commercials and infomercials. Morgan Davidsen has an bachelor in Theatre from Augsburg College, Minneapolis.  He is mainly working as an actor/director, but is also writing and serving as a producer.  Here the award-winning shortfilm Bringebær (Raspberries)

Raspberries and Inquietude are parts of Morgan Davidsens trilogy of short films inspired by Olav H. Hauge poem:

It’s the dream
It’s the dream we carry
that something wonderful will happen,
that it has to happen –
that time will open,
that the heart will open,
that doors will open,
that the montain crag will open,
that springs will flow –
that the dream will open,
that one morning we’ll glide
into a harbour we didn’t know existed.


From «Inquietude» shot in N.Y.C 2009 / 2010.  (Released in 2013)


Fin Film has recently shot «Inquietude», in New York City. This is the second film in the thrillogy of dreams that «Raspberries» startet. This film is about a foreign dancer in New York. It is a modern film with parallels to the Hamsun novel «Hunger» and the H.C. Andersen`s fairytale, «The little match girl». The film is released internationally in 2013.
Photo: Kim Dillevig Aas & Magnus Flåto, Direction: Morgan Davidsen, Cast: Nina Ingemann and more.

Please contact us with further questions: post@finfilm.no

«For all who draw their sword»

An epic viking film about HÃ¥kon The Good, the youngest of Harald Fairhair`s sons.
The boy was sendt to England at six years old in trade for peace between King Fairhair of Norway and King Athalstone of England.  He up to know a different Europe than what he was used to and brought back at fifteen to be the first succeeder to rule a nation in turmoil.

The script is written by the acclaimed Norwegian writer Tor Åge Bringsværd and the director Morgan Davidsen, script coordinator has been Kirsten Bonèn Rask from FILMKRAFT. To be shot in Norway, France, Denmark and England.
Planned production time, not set.

filmkraft_rogaland_logo                 Les mer om Filmkraft her:  http://www.filmkraft.no/forside